Really Goddard?

This article by Alexandria Goddard makes me want to hurl. I hate to even post the link on my blog, but in order for you to understand why it makes me sick, you will  have to read it:  More Goddard BS

If you notice she says “I did it for this reason” or “I did it for that reason”. Really Goddard? When are you going to finally admit you did it for ‘fame’?

1st blogger

What you failed to have reported in this article is, most of the tweets were teens being stupid. You also failed to report that you stalked and harassed these MINORS. Also failed to admit you posted names of MINORS that were not there. Epic Failure Of Goddard

Three particular quotes caught my eye:

1 – “Soon locals began contacting me stating that they believed there was a cover-up into investigation of the charges.” Could those people who contacted you have had something against Steubenville and the authority figures there and that’s why they contacted you and said that? hhhhmmmm….

2 – “I was targeted for speaking of that which should not be spoken.”  Um, no… You were targeted for lying, stalking/harassing of innocent people, and adding false information to the story.

3 – “I was so worried about my anonymous commenters being retaliated against if their identities were revealed.” Come on now, everyone already knows you made several of those anonymous comments yourself. You were only protecting yourself like the selfish person you are.

You allowed your cronies to bash and attack a MINOR. You are the one who allowed the death threat comments on your blog directed towards a MINOR. You are the one who added LIES to the story to gain more attention. You did not ‘break’ this story. You did nothing but repeat a story the local news station broke. Even the sheriff said “the evidence, including the video you claim you found, has been in the hands of the police and prosecutors office for months”.

Original breaking story posted: 2:22 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2012:  2 juveniles arrested in connection with alleged sex assault in Jefferson Co.

This screen shot floated across my time line yesterday. It proves Prinnie knew she was in deep shit and started cleaning up her blog. smh

BF6DgH5CAAAUS7t.png large

If you did not do it for the fame, you could have simply turned over the screen shots you had to the sheriff or prosecutors office and let them do their job.

But noooooooooooo…. You sat back and watched the bully crew, including all the fake Anons, post their laughable “dox” info with names, addresses, phone numbers of innocent people, including pictures of the house in which the MINOR child lived. You sat back and watched your ‘friends’ attack innocent people and you said NOTHING! You did NOTHING to stop them and you did NOTHING to protect a MINOR child! You even encouraged and engaged in the illegal activities!

Here is an unedited interview with Jefferson Co. Prosecutor Jane Hanlin explaining how her son had nothing to do with that night, nor was he at either house, yet that didn’t stop Prinnie and company from accusing, harassing, and stalking him.  He has been threatened endlessly (death threats, trying to get his scholarship pulled, etc). Listen VERY carefully to what she says about social media hindering the investigation:  NEWS9’s unedited interview with Jefferson Co. Prosecutor Jane Hanlin

What you called the fight for “freedom of speech” was nothing more than a case of protecting your cronies from being arrested. You hid behind your bogus “freedom of speech” BS.  One day your vile lies will come back to bite you in the ass and that day can’t come soon enough.  There are enough screen shots out there proving what I am saying. Many of them have already been used in various blogs.

There are MANY other cases just like this one around the world. Including a 13 year old raped by 2 high school football players in CT. Also a 2 year old who was molested by an adult in a town very close to Steubenville. You have not said one word about either of these cases, probably because you’re still busy gloating over your so called “victory” of the Steubenville case.

Why did you pick the Steubenville case to bash so hard? We already know the answer to that question. Many others have already posted your true agenda as to why. You and your brother have gotten into a lot of trouble in Steubenville and have police records to show for it. You saw this as pay back to the Steubenville police dept. An “in your face” action to make it look like you were a ‘good person’ and the police were wrong about you. The more I read about you, the more I believe the local authorities were right about you. You have the “I do nothing wrong” attitude. You do not have kids of your own, so you have no idea what it is like to have strangers attack your child or post personal information about them.

I hope EVERY parent of every MINOR you allowed to be bashed or “doxed” sues you. You should be thankful it was not one of my children involved in your BS cause I would have chewed you up and spit you out faster than you could snap your fingers. I would not have sat by and watched you attack my kids the way you did the Steubenville children.

As far has having Rosanne Barr in your corner, that is laughable. She has moved on to other things; even announced it via her twitter. Perhaps she’s finally realizing that all you spew is hate and lies.

Others who were involved in the arrests and prosecuting of the guilty parties also have something to say about Goddard: Heroes, Not Quite By Murt


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  1. murtwitnessonelive
    Mar 22, 2013 @ 16:19:23

    This is not the first time Goddard has hit the DELETE button. When she blogged accusations against her family members and others in DeKalb county Illinois, there were scores of articles, photos and videos on her blog and on other social media sites, including Youtube. In the midst of all of these postings was a cease and desist order issued by someone she is said to have called Aunt Crazy.

    Sometime thereafter, Goddard deleted a massive amount of the material she created and as of today, the entire Beaconhell,com blog as it existed at that time vanished.

    The youtube videos she created as well as some images are also gone off the social media sites as well. For someone who believes in what she is saying about people, she seems to be real fast on the delete key when the subjects of her rants have the power defend themselves against her accusations start to confront her.

    This seems to be a tactic of hers. She creates and then deletes. The deletions usually come about when someone who has the ability to do so, applies pressure of one kind or another. She senses that the material in question would cause her to account for her actions so she gets rid of it.

    This is the true reason why Goddard is in exile, in my opinion. It is not to escape the threats she has claimed, it is, instead to avoid having to account for her past actions against those people she has harassed and tormented over the years.



  2. Merry
    Mar 22, 2013 @ 16:43:50

    I saw a clip of Goddard on CNN. She said “you know” before every sentence. LOL what an idiot. Can’t even speak properly. BUT! I hear she can fling a mean poop! So yeah, you know, she should stick to, you know, fecal matter.


  3. mcgreggorsback
    Mar 22, 2013 @ 18:18:34

    When I ran across the article about her in yahoo news, deeming her as a Hero..
    My first thought.. Hero my Ass!!
    So many other thoughts ran through my mind. And they were not kind thoughts. She’s a Fame seeking Smuck!! And yes I left my opinion for the idiots who fall behind her with the “You go Girl” I swear all of the crazy’s dawned multiple usernames to praise !! And in my comments I made sure I added the fact that she got her facts from other bloggers, not from reliable sources.


  4. fair is fair
    Mar 22, 2013 @ 19:52:21

    I really believe there will be a lot of law suits coming up for Prinnie and her mob of Idiots.. If they had shut up after the trial maybe some of the parents in Steubenville would have let them slide ,but they still are slandering people who are innocent! I do think there is more who needs punishment in some degree, but not most of who they are bashing and spewing lies about.. Let them keep running their evil mouths and they will soon see the inside of the Steubenville court room. Prinnie cares nothing about Jane Doe ,thats clear in the way she just sit behind her computer during the rallies.She let everyone else do all the work and she takes the Praise.What a bunch of idiots to not see through her .Bless there ignorant hearts lol I think Jane Hanlin is going to make Old Princess very very sorry for her actions very soon .. Going to get some popcorn in the house and just enjoy the show .


  5. observer
    Mar 22, 2013 @ 20:04:26

    This Goddard person is one vile sick person! Of course, she has no children… Maybe she should write her answers down before she goes on tv…The “you know” and her eyes rolling all around speak to her filmsy grasp on reality! #uglyinside&outside


  6. spring
    Mar 22, 2013 @ 22:46:46

    Did you know Holly Briley has been making the rounds in the media again to vouch for Goddard? She’s even been taking digs at Brianna on air and elsewhere, again. You would think inserting herself in ONE high profile case would have been enough (Casey Anthony) but nope, she now has to insert herself in the Steubenville case too. Luckily, certain media whom have been in contact with Briley know the controversy surrounding her blog and know she’s full of bologna.


    Mar 23, 2013 @ 12:19:49

    All I can sayb is “Karma is a b*tch” and it will come back to bite Prinnie & the rest of that group. I hope that whole group get what’s due to them.


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