OOPS! Someone Outed Herself!

I have seen a lot of DUH moments from the bully group, but this one has to be one of the best.

Remember a few blogs ago when I said someone was using an Akron Uni IP under the @M2KFLA twitter account and leaving threatening comments on this and Murts blog? Well Donna finally admitted it was her and here’s the proof in black and white.

Donna admit1

I find the above comment from Donna rather amusing tho… It’s as if she’s talking about herself and her bully ‘friends’.  Project much?

And HOW would you know what an advocate is?  You sit behind your computer spewing nothing but hate and vileness, bullying those who don’t agree with you.

Do you volunteer in your local community to help stop bullying and violence?  Do you help spread the word about the horrible things happening in today’s society via blog or website?  Do you go to your local soup kitchen and help out where needed?  Do you donate what you can to your local shelter?

So, Donna finally admitted to making up that fake twitter account. Why would she use the name M2KFLA you ask? To mock Murt, of course. His is M2KFL; one letter off.

Also if you remember, she got mad because Akron Uni was contacted regarding someone using their IP to threaten others. Donna went on a rant saying we called and got her fired, etc.  I never called them; I only emailed the screen shot of proof of what someone was using their IP for, as I’m sure they would not want that type of activity on their network.

A few tweets later she said she does not work there and never has. Then she tweeted again later that if any of us would have “called” Akron Uni to report the abuse of their IP she would have known about it because she works in the administration office. Make up your mind, dear.

She just answered her own question as to why no one outside of the bully crew believes her.

Has anyone else noticed that with all the millions of people on twitter only 5 people have a problem with Murt? And all of them ‘flock’ together? They add a whole new meaning to the phrase “Birds Of A Feather Flock Together”.

Donna lies

Donna Office


So I ask you, Donna… Which story is true?  Or is any of it true?

You just can’t make this stuff up, people.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. murtwitnessonelive
    Mar 08, 2013 @ 18:22:31

    At the time the dispute was going on I had no idea who M2KFLA was. The person was making an obvious impersonation of my @M2KFL twitter account. This person came in and immediately accused me of supporting rapists, which I found deeply offensive. This same person was also spamming rape crises twitter accounts telling them I supported rapists. Under Florida law this is considered harassment. This SAME person was also making remarks within my blog which enables me to see the ip address of the person making the comment.
    I contacted both the campus police and the head of the IT department about the matter.
    The IT department told me that it is a clear violation of campus policy for the person to use the ip address for the purposes it was being used.
    It was not until I saw that comment that I knew who it was that was using that account. This was coupled with the fact that the woman, whom I knew what she looked like from a blog written about her, I also did not know the DJ account was her either. Donna is known to use quite a few on line names. There are quite a few she has used and I keep finding more of them as I go through my files.
    If someone is going to lie about who they are and about vanity tags, it makes one wonder what ELSE they would be lying about.
    I remember back more than a year ago, she claimed to have Celiac disease which I also have. This condition is not that common. Coupled with her claim of a connection with Upstate New York, I had serious doubts about that once I learned who she was by her own confession.

    The fact that she claims to be raped may explain her rather odd behavior as this would be a result of that trauma.



  2. observer
    Mar 08, 2013 @ 19:10:40

    This Donna person is a fraud. She is scum of the lowest kind. I have watched her rants on twitter, and she lies and then lies again to cover up what she lied about to begin with. SMH!!


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