Family Time

Instead of Jon and Holly harassing people on the internet, they should find other things to do. They are both getting careless.

Look at the timing of these 2 post. Just 9 minutes between Holly tweeting her blog post and Radio tweeting her own blog post.  This has happened many times between Levi and Radio too, which was brought to everyone’s attention in a different blog.

whats wrong

In case you missed it in the other blog, here it is:



Now where have I seen this tweet before??  Oohh, I remember now…

Hollys TL1

It seems Radio is not a single person, but a blog site used by many to spew their hate and lies. I think we’ve figured out the main driving force behind Radio. Will discuss that in a future blog.

Back to the title of this blog… Holly you really need to start paying more attention to your husband. This should explain why (doh!):

Jon, Jon, Jon… When will you ever learn you will never be able to hide behind Anonymous?  They know what you’re trying to do and are watching you.  smdh


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  1. observer
    Mar 07, 2013 @ 18:58:36

    The scrawny little girly man can’t pull his usual s*it on Anon…they should investigate his wife, too!


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