Pretty much every0ne knows Holly has tried, and will continue to try anything she can to have this blog and Murts shut down.  Why?  I think we all know that answer.

What she failed to ‘mention’ is that she got flagged for posting our blog site URL’s while bitching about us on the WP help site. She told everyone she was going to report us to WP, but she never told anyone what WP’s reply to her was.

Apparently she told WP we were exchanging IP information, but what she did not tell them is that we both got a threatening comment left on our blogs within minutes of each other from the same IP address. Yes, Murt and I did discuss if it was the same IP address and if it was spam or a legitimate threat. Neither one of us ever posted that IP and have no intentions of doing so.

Here is Holly’s epic fail in all its glory:

Epic Fail

I asked Murt if he ever received paper work or a phone call from LE regarding Holly’s complaints against him or his blog; he has not.  I wonder why… Could it be she never did because all the proof against her in this and other blogs?  Hhhhmmmm…  It’s obvious she was lying to get her way, but it didn’t work.  Her ‘complaint’ was posted in November 2012 and we are now in March of 2013.  Go figure.

As far as this blog goes, who are you going to serve papers to, Holly?  Santa Clause? The Easter Bunny?  Not one time have you (or your bully buddies) provided any kind of actual PROOF as to who runs this blog.  It’s fun to watch you all spin your wheels tho.

So, now it’s my turn to say what you’ve said to me several times:  Put up, or shut up.  Let’s see your ‘proof’.  Unfortunately for you, I put up the proof every time.  Your turn 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. observer
    Mar 07, 2013 @ 22:15:15

    hahaha! Good for you, Nikki..you are on a roll! Holly and Jon are lairs and bullies, and that is all they are. They are soooo jealous of you and your successful blog, they can’t stand it. You are not the one that published the info about her kids; that was another blog owner. I remember how she always commented about Pudds disabled son….she has no shame! And, if her son is disabled how did he play the part of amelia, as per Radio???


  2. murtwitnessonelive
    Mar 07, 2013 @ 22:54:51

    Unfortunately for people like Holly, there is something called the FOIA. That means that IF anyone goes to a government agency at any level, that information is available to anyone who knows who to call and for what to ask. There was never reports of any kind left with any government agency by her about Me.
    As for the IP address issue. A wordpress SPONSORED blog is not allowed to post IP addresses. A WordPress blog NOT SPONSORED by WordPress, that is on a DOMAIN owned by the blogger is not obliged to follow these rules as recently demonstrated by Radionewz.net who published the ip address of The Department of Homeland Security.
    Holly has cried wolf many of time and wound up whimpering away in hiding when her lies are exposed.
    For the life of me, I do not understand what all the fuss is about regarding my blog. According to Radionewz.net it only has 4 readers, OOPS now it is 5 readers since Radionewz.net claims that The DHS is now reading it.

    The two of them must be getting sunburns wearing those tin hats of theirs.

    Stay Tuned


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