A Way To Get More Personal Info?

Beware of a new so called ‘help group’: Too Funny

After I was told about this new “help” group I had to look into it. Interesting what you can find out when you ask the right question.

We caught wind that it is going to be run by Radio, Prinnie and McKee. As we’ve seen in the past, when this group gets together, it is not to do good for man kind.

They only thing most of us can see this site being used for is to collect IP address and/or personal information, which they have no problems posting to the public, as we have witnessed several times.

Gotta give them credit for trying tho, right? LOL!

are you serious

I can’t wait to see what they are going to write about themselves, since every last one of them falls under that title. So are they going to out themselves too? Now that would be entertaining đŸ˜‰

When I was informed it was Prinnie, Radio and McKee behind this new website, this is what immediately popped into my head:

3 Stooges


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. observer
    Mar 07, 2013 @ 19:01:05

    All of the aforementioned are crazy, sick people…. People should stay away from them! Talk about libel and slander….they are the ones that continue to promote these two issues!! SMH!!


  2. murtwitnessonelive
    Mar 07, 2013 @ 22:46:15

    Ip addy is an old trick of both McKee and Goddard. They find ways of getting you to go to certain websites and then collect the IP addys. Depending on what caused the person to go to the website, they can then data mine the visits to get an idea who it is that is visiting.
    For instance, Goddard once set up a “challenge” for those who supported me to log into the blog and state their reasons why. A large number did but never saw their comments published. Instead, Goddard lied and said nobody logged in. Within days, the people found problems cropping up on their pc’s and a blog written about them that was negative in nature. McKee has proven herself on a number of occasions of being real good about getting into someone’s pc solely by using her IP address.
    I think the same thing is about to happen here. There will be a lot of ip farming going on and who knows what these people are going to do with that information.

    Visitor beware


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