Questionable Behavior

Rape has been a popular topic since the Steubenville case made national headlines. Many rape victims have come forward to tell their stories. Rape is a very serious, vicious crime and is not to be taken lightly. There is one “victim” who has come forward about being raped, but several are questioning the story, as it seems to keep changing. I will get into that story further down, but would like to address the below comment first.

This comment that was left by a woman on her boyfriends blog:

rape comment1

You would think the bully crew would have sympathy for a rape victim, but it appears that is not the case.

Here are some of the mean, nasty, vile comments addressed to Sheryl, who left the above comment:






If you are wondering why this woman is being bashed so badly by this bully crew, it is because the woman who wrote the comment in the first screen shot I posted is Murt’s girlfriend. She supposedly made a comment that woman deserve to be raped because of how they dress, look, act etc. The only thing Sheryl did wrong in that comment was she did not use the word “stereotype”. Anyone with common sense would know that is what she was trying to say. Sheryl is up  in years and I am sure that word escaped her. As wrong as it is, that comment is used all over as a stereo type of why woman “deserve” to be raped. So they used her lack of one word to attack, bash, trash Sheryl simply because she is Murt’s girlfriend.

Then on Murt’s blog these comments were left:

Vile comment 2

vile comment

What the hell is wrong with these people?? They are always saying some of us bloggers have no life and that is why we blog about them. HELLO? Want to talk about no life? You have a life and I can describe it one word: “lowlife“. These kind of remarks are disgusting!

Here seems to be the ring leader of the drama. I have asked around and she is NOT part of the regular Anon group. So my guess is it is an account made up by one of the bully crews friends to try and intimidate others.  It does not, and will not work with me.


No Anon would act like this. This persons action are a red flag in knowing they are not true Anon. Anons also have respect for others. As you can clearly see, this person doesn’t even have respect for a genuine rape victim.

Radio, I hope you sincerely mean this. We may not always get along but if you do mean this from your heart, I am sure Sheryl appreciates it:

rape comment

If only your “friends” were a bit kind. I guess somewhere down deep you do have a heart. If you would show that heart more often instead of bullying, we would have no reason to write about you.

Some of the people who have followed Donna on twitter are questioning if she is telling the truth about being a rape victim. She never mentioned it before, and now all of a sudden she is screaming it from the roof top?

Dj's bio

When someone said to me they wonder if Donna is telling the truth, of course I asked why they would say that. As I said before; rape is a very serious, vicious crime and is not to be taken lightly. This persons reply was “I have followed DJ for awhile, and up until the Steubenville case and her friendship with Prinnie, Donna never said a word about being raped.” So, I asked this person for proof of what they were saying about Donna.

I will not reveal who this person is, but they provided me with 3 different screen shots. At first I did not understand what they trying to prove. So there were many emails back and forth until I understood it.

The first screen shot is:


Second one:


Third one:

Donna rally

While reading these tweets I still did not understand what the person was trying to say, so asked this person to explain.

In first screen shot Donna said she was raped 30 years ago by a family member. In the second screen shot she says she doesn’t sleep the night before she goes to her therapist, because she has to talk about the rape. In the third screen shot Donna is in front of close to a 1,000 perfect strangers, which was being live streamed all over, telling her story of being raped.

They have questions about Donna never saying anything about being raped, to saying she was raped 30 years ago, to saying she doesn’t sleep the night before going to see her therapist, to a Steubenville Jane Doe rally and telling thousands of strangers she was raped.

Now I was starting to see the picture. If you go to Donna’s timeline every other tweet is talking about her being a rape survivor but she can’t talk to her therapist one on one?

I know I will take a lot of heat from the bully crew for this blog, but I put my big girl panties on, so I’m ready. LOL!

I am not saying Donna is lying, it’s just that all of this back and forth with her story seems a bit odd.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. observer
    Feb 25, 2013 @ 01:31:39

    This Donna person is a psycho and a liar! I doubt very much if she was ever raped; just makes for attention to her pitiful life! I wonder if Drew knows about it??


  2. murtwitnessonelive
    Feb 25, 2013 @ 15:34:10

    When attention intensified regarding the Steubenville rape case, the common theme developed that “It will be the rape victim that will be put on trial.” That has, in fact what has happened. The same thing seems to be holding true of anyone who claims to have been raped or someone who may make a comment that does not go along with the majority of those who support rape victims.
    When Sheryl made her comment, I told her I disagreed with it but allowed it to be published anyway.

    After the uproar over her comment we discussed what she said and clarified what it meant. She meant that some rape victims put themselves in a situation where a rape is more likely to happen. She used the example of how they dress and so forth.

    She is not the only rape victim that believes this. I do not agree that a woman is “asking for it” because of the way she dresses or acts. On the other hand we live in a society where certain people seem to think that because someone “wants it” and by that I mean the potential rapist. Most are teenagers such as the case with the Steubenville rape survivor.

    As for the woman being questioned because of her twitter posts. I still give the woman the benefit of the doubt as to being a rape victim.

    The actions by her against me may be the result of her trauma. The woman has a record of deception going back to at least 2008. She even admitted to some of her actions in both e mails and a post on my blog. She heavily criticized a certain blogger for quite a long time until she decided that by going back into her good graces would give her the attention she apparently craves.

    My problem with her claim, in the beginning came from the fact that she created a fake twitter account using a close imitation of my other twitter account M2KFL, with the username M2KFLA.

    We then got into a protracted argument over vanity tags as this was the excuse she was using the twitter name of M2KFLA because she had that as a vanity tag. In her tagline on twitter she made it clear that she was fighting “those who support rapists.”

    It seems to me rather odd that in all the MILLIONS that use Twitter, that someone with almost the same unusual twitter name would come along using almost the same unusual letter combinations that is used on a vanity tag would suddenly use me to protest against regarding the rape issue.

    At the time I did not know who this person was. It was not until some details came out that I put the pieces together.

    In spite of the above twitter incident and scores of other questionable actions of this person, I cannot and will not question weather or not she is a rape victim. For all I know her actions may be result of the trauma of such a horrendous personal violation.



  3. Transparent bullies
    Feb 26, 2013 @ 00:36:51

    These trolls don’t care about rape victims. They just want to be on TV because they think it gives them credibility. You can tell because they accuse others of being jealous of their media train or they were on TV. All TV did was bring a wider audience to see just how dishonest they are. How many of them attended the candlelight vigil for the Steubenville girl? How many denounced the lesbian pervert justification club that danced at the Steubenville courthouse? None of them, because they don’t care. They can’t resist their true nature of bullying long enough to pretend to care about anyone but themselves.

    I read a comment on another blog by someone who said that Donna Fosnight was lying about her rape. At the time I thought it was harsh, but now I understand why someone would say such a thing. After two years with a therapist she is still so traumatized talking about it, but she can pick up a microphone and shout it to the masses? She may be certifiably whacko! I wonder if she has ever been committed.


  4. observer
    Feb 26, 2013 @ 23:59:00

    Supposedly, the rape on this woman(?) took place 30 yrs ago….she is a well known liar, who changes her mind along which way the wind blows!!


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