Luckiest Man Alive

Radio has been busting on Murt for a long time calling him all kinds of vile names. Once Murt no longer reacted to Radio’s slander, he/she decided to start going after people associated with Murt.

First Radio called Murt’s girlfriend a house whore:

house whore

Murt made a funny blog about a camper he has and said he is ready for #ophide. Blaiss is from the same area as Murt so she tweeted for Murt to pick her up on his way through.

Well the quietness didn’t last long… As soon as Radio stalked Murt’s timeline, she wrote this  blog:

Road Whore

If Murt has all these whore’s, he’s certainly getting more action than Radio is. Maybe that’s the problem… she isn’t getting any action. I would suggest you visit an adult store. Maybe you wouldn’t be so mean and nasty from being frustrated.

All I can say is,  GO ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF, MURT!!

Maybe this person should join Radio at the adult store:


If Prinnie, Donna and Holly are in witness protection. it sure isn’t because of MURT. They put them to protect the rest of the public from those loons.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. murtwitnessonelive
    Feb 23, 2013 @ 01:32:01

    What is most telling about the comments Radio made is the fact that (she) is more than willing to call women WHORES? Now can you imagine the flack I did if I were to use that word in any kind of reference towards a woman no matter the context?

    There is something else that is at play here. A while back my girlfriend made a remark about the Jane Doe in Steubenville that did not set well with Radio. (She) promptly attacked her, making one of those stupid photos of her and disclosing her full name and so forth. Recently she attacked her yet again.

    Another thing to remember is that I got into a bit of trouble with Anonymous because of a photo that was on my twitter timeline. I made no comment about the photo, I simply put it up, It was a woman who spoke at the public rally stating she was a rape victim and telling her story.

    Even though photos of this same woman, to this day, is all over the internet, I was ORDERED to take it down. After a great deal of pressure from Anonymous, I relented. Until recently I did not know why there was such a fuss over the photo. I do now.
    If the intended lawsuit goes ahead, that truth will come out and a lot of people are going to be angry.
    In closing there is one more fact that needs to come out about Radio’s attacks. She did not pay close attention to Sheryl’s remark, apparently. IF she had, she might have seen that the woman she continues to attack is also a victim of Rape.

    So, what we have is a woman who is supporting the Jane Does of the world who are rape victims, personally attacking a woman who is a victim of rape by calling her a WHORE.

    Where does the truth lie now?



  2. mcgreggorsback
    Feb 23, 2013 @ 02:55:42

    Lets think about this.. Wonder if is really owned by a corporation, but not owned by the rodeo.. What if the names radio, reddios were suppose by the owner as the user names for the people hired to run the blog, now is it possible that there are several people hired to work the blog? Much like moderators and run on shifts, and also are the prevailing winds hot air of executioner and holly. At the max their would be 4 or 5 people posting on that website, as I said no ownership, just plain bullshit to keep the views coming in? So, the question is, who would own that website? You know they seem to have people posting there all day and all night..
    Maybe radionewz is really the equal of a 5 headed snake. If you read that article that Murt wrote he talked about having moderators and an admin for his blog who had access to the control buttons and passwords.. whos to say radionewz isn’t the same way. You know there are some people who believe the original poster known as radio jumped ship in 2010, leaving a gap to be filled by crazy’s.


  3. anonymous
    Feb 23, 2013 @ 12:15:57

    McGregors, I believe you are correct.


  4. mcgreggorsback
    Mar 01, 2013 @ 13:07:12

    I did miss the opportunity to reflect on rodeo going after other women and referring to them as whores and other vulgar phrases. So, lets set back and look at this.In the past 2 or 3 years, what woman has been safe from rodeos raft? You know the tirade this past week at murt for having a conversation with a female over the phone, sent radio into space. So maybe we are watching the rodeo having melt downs of jealousy, If all remember back it was badme who was originally referred to as jealous over someone elses friendship with rodeo, now its rodeo being jealous over murt and his conversations and friendships with the someone else. Rather odd and confusing here folks. We know that originally Holly didn’t escape the raft, why is it Rodeo doesn’t blast prinnie or mcnutt? In fact it never went after Nursebeme. That for the list of safe women is it in a nut shell. So, bottom line, rodeo has a major problem with women. Seems like most men are safe..


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