Death Threat

I do not agree with how Prinnie handled the Steubenville rape case, but I do have a heart. This screen shot was given to me by someone who received it in an email a long time ago. I asked if I may show it and was told I could. Prinnie used to go by ‘Princess’.

Donna blog comment

This proves a few things:

1 ) How mean and vile Donna is.

2 ) She was the owner of ‘From The Desk Of’ website that was set up to unjustly defame Murt.

3 ) Her hatred goes back years, and still continues to this very day.

I asked what this comment was all about. In a nut shell Prinnie and Donna got into a huge fight. Prinnie served Donna with a Cease and Desist notice. Donna did internet searches until she found where Prinnie lived and called the police on her. Shortly after that confrontation is when Donna tried to post this comment on Murt’s blog. He rejected the comment so it was never published, therefore Prinnie never saw it.

Donna now wants to be buddy buddy with Prinnie because Prinnie has gained attention. I feel Prinnie has the right to know how Donna really feels about her.

This may have been done a few years ago, but as we have all witnessed, Donna has serious anger issues. No telling what she’ll do if she gets mad at Prinnie again. If Donna’s hatred for Murt has been going on for all these years, I doubt she changed her feelings towards Prinnie. She just hides it better now.

I was also informed the reason Donna hates this blog so much is because she once too had an anti-bullying blog, which was used to call out people she believed were bullies. This blog does the very same thing.  The difference is, Donna is on the receiving end this time and does not like it.


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  1. murtwitnessonelive
    Feb 22, 2013 @ 14:29:30

    One correction. The comment was meant for the Blogger version of my blog. I did not allow it to be posted and forwarded the comment to someone friendly to Goddard to bring to her attention.

    Individual did not have ownership of any kind of that blog.



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