Just To Clarify

This has to be the most ridiculous tweet I’ve seen out of Donna to date. (and there are many to chose from)


I have not, nor ever will, support a rapist.  However, what I do support, along with many others, is “innocent until proven guilty” and our “constitutional right to a Fair and Speedy trial”.

What that bully group did to the town of Steubenville and the residents there was ruthless and completely uncalled for. They added lie upon lie just to gain attention of anyone they possibly could. The false ‘evidence’ they added had NOTHING to do with the alleged rape case. What these bullies have done is get innocent people attacked, personal info posted about them, and a student forced to drop out of college.

I completely agree some of the things these young people did following that horrible incident was very immature and ignorant. Like the making of “she was so dead” video and the tweets posted. Both were completely uncalled for.

I would like for each person in that group to comment on what they would do if the shoe was on the other foot.  What if these were your kids acting like this and a group of bullies attacked them?.  I can answer that… ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOOSE! I admire the restraint the people of Steubenville have had and that they’re taking care of business the legal way.



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  1. murtwitnessonelive
    Feb 21, 2013 @ 21:12:32

    I wonder why that woman reads Radionewz.net then? That blog is attacking a rape victim and she still visits there.


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