Threats Made To Stuebenville OH Locals

I am going to post screen shots by the very same people who lied about the evidence in the Big Red rape case. These very same people are now threatening others in Stuebenville.

This group has even threatened to go as far as trying to have a teacher fired.



It has been brought to my attention that more and more of the Stuebenville locals are getting their information plastered all over the internet. Who is posting this personal information? The locals are outing each other. Why? Because the very same group that has brought national attention to your town are still the very same people lying to you so that you fight each other. WISE UP STUEBENVILLE and look around you.

Instead of fight amongst each other you need to rally together and tell @Prinniedidit @Hollyshere @MichelleLMcKee @Djay1031 @RadioNewzBlog to leave your town alone! They are your enemies, not your neighbors. The more you fight with each other, the more this group is going to feed the frenzy.  Do you think they care about you or your town? The answer is NO. They only care about their 15 minutes of fame.

They used the Anonymous name to make fake accounts for the purpose of attacking your town and the people who live within. The true anons have big hearts and want justice for all those that are/were wronged. This group used that big heart to get more people involved. Once the true Anons figured out what was really going on, they backed off. The bullies went and made more Anon accounts to make it look like the number of Anons involved was much more than there actually is. The true Anons who showed up at the rallies were there under false pretenses. Once they realized they were duped, they back away from the case.

This group is going to contact the school and try and have a teacher fired. What is the purpose of that? They want the coach strung by his private parts. They want people arrested for the rape that were not even there. Why? Because they chose to do/say stupid things. They want some of the police and sheriff department fired. Why? Because this group feels that the police did not do their jobs. If they weren’t doing their jobs the 2 boys would not have been arrested.

This group took it upon themselves to play judge and jury of what they feel should have been done.

The more you fight among each other, the stronger this group will get. Stand up and say enough is enough and take back your town. They will continue to pit you against each other as long as you allow it.

They have torn your town apart. STAND UP, STAND PROUD, AND SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! LEAVE US ALONE!!!!



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  1. murtwitnessonelive
    Feb 17, 2013 @ 19:10:19

    This sort of intimidation by this group is not new. At the height of the Casey Anthony saga, this same group contacted Osceola county Florida Department of Family services in an attempt to have The teenaged grand daughter of a Local resident removed from her custody.

    The grandmother had been granted custody of her grand daughter due to the State determining that her biological mother was unsuited to care for her. If this group had succeeded in their efforts, this young lady may have faced being placed in one of the worst foster care systems in the country. A foster care system where countless children are abused by their foster parents and a number have been murdered or are missing.

    There has also been a threat by of the members who is directly associated with Anonymous to do a thorough dox of one of the Steubenville residents entire family, including her CHILDREN unless an expose blog said to be of him is not removed from the internet by 8pm today.

    Operation Rollbigredroll has never been about the discussion of Rape of Jane Doe by members of a high school athletic team and how to prevent future incidents of this nature, but rather a vigilante movement to punish innocent victims who they think deserve it as well as those who they perceive are individuals who support rape or attempt to cover up rapes.

    Members of this vigilante group turned to members of Anonymous knowing full well that certain factions of this movement engage in acts of intimidation, extortion and outright bullying.

    This group has never been concerned about the ramifications of their actions and by engaging Anonymous members to do their bidding is clear proof of their actions.

    The future looks grim for residents of Steubenville as the actions by these outsiders intensify. Lives are going to be destroyed beyond repair if the threats made over the past few days are carried out.

    There will be new lessons taught to the students of Steubenville and one of these lessons will be that blackmail is now the new rule of the road for getting what you want.
    William K Murtaugh


  2. Scott Sproul
    Feb 17, 2013 @ 23:35:25

    Well stated my friend !!


  3. Seen It Before
    Feb 18, 2013 @ 18:24:48

    Steve can thank his new friend Alexandria Goddard for digging the hole and pushing him in! He was stupid enough to believe her story about Murt, which began his bullying rampage, and we can all see how that ended for him.

    Scott, I never believed their BS about you, but now you know how the entire Steubenville story was manufactured. They think if they repeat it enough times it will become true. Samantha Cook is a liar, which is why she didn’t report your “threat” to Twitter. Kerri Anne Ruane is a self-admitted witch, alcoholic, and has morphine and oxy for medication. They are not a good source on anything. To Steve’s credit, he immediately admitted he was the one who brought up “mustache rides” even though it was blamed on you. (As if anybody could miss Steve’s nasty comments) After that though it was a free-for-all and you were the target. They don’t need evidence, they just need a bullseye and this time you were it! Now you know how the residents of Steubenville feel.


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