Still Spewing Lies. Surprise Surprise.

Here we go again… I read an article on Lee’s blog, then read the comments.  What do I see?  More lies being told, of course.  Here is Lee’s blog: Lee Stranahan

Now to address the lies Ms. Briley posted in her comment on Lee’s article:

1) No one said a word about you until you started writing for Radio’s blog and posting everyone’s personal information on there who stood up to your bullying. People started fighting back and you did not like it. Now all of a sudden you want to play the victim? Get off your high horse.

Not to mention, you recently published your previous best friends name all over twitter along with her twitter handle (I have the screen shot, but will not post in here, as to protect what’s left of her privacy). So why did you do that? Let me guess; she wised up and finally saw your true colors and ran like hell. I still have the screen shots of her begging everyone to follow you. She stuck up for you through thick and thin. She blocked everyone that was against you and still continued to defend you through all the video BS and so much more. Then you turn around and post her real name and where she works all over twitter? Certainly proves what I, and others, have been saying about you all along.

2) It was Radio who exposed your kids, which has been proven in this blog already. Here is a reminder:

Radio admitting Holly's son is Amelia




3) The only college that was contacted was the University Of Akron. The reason is because someone was using their IP to leave threatening comments on this, and other blogs. So yes I did contact them and emailed them the screen shot of it.







Oddly enough, a few days after the report was made the nasty comments stopped from this IP address. I wonder why?

4) Everything in THIS blog has been backed up with screen shots and/or links to public info on the web. So you can’t lie out of it or claim we made it up.

5) This is soooo laughable: “including trying to implicate me peripherally in a murder!” Where have I seen that stated before? Oh yeah Michelle McKee posted that in a tweet when threatening Murt just the other day about taking some files to the FBI telling them to research Murt for the murder of the Trenton Duckett. You seriously need to start coming up with your own material. *yawn*

6) If you have this so called medical training, as you stated in the comment on Lee’s blog, then get off your butt, go get a job and stop stalking and harassing innocent people on the internet.

7) That took some balls to comment on Lee’s blog after you and your cohorts trashed and bashed him to no end after he outed you all for lying and adding fake evidence to your blogs about the Ohio rape case. You’ve proved what a liar you are once again.

In closing, ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sickofthebrileys
    Feb 15, 2013 @ 18:04:57

    Holly will never stop this malicious crap…she is a hateful, evil person. She and her scrawny little husband have kept files on ppl, bashed, harassed, etc. until some ppl life the net. They are out to hurt anyone that disagrees with them. #assclowns


  2. observer
    Feb 15, 2013 @ 18:06:55

    Everything that Holly said in the comments on Lee’s blog are things she has done to others…she loves to project her disgusting behavior on others….talk about victims..geesh!


  3. murtwitnessonelive
    Feb 15, 2013 @ 19:11:51

    Holly also forgets that she outed the family of ShortBusDude for the crime of (so she says) of writing a blog where the author confessed to creating FAKE PM’S that have been used by Alexandra Goddard, Michelle L McKee to defame me since 2008. When she used a photograph of his family, Holly used the excuse that his children were adults. I question that fact and seem to remember one of his kids was a senior in high school, however what IS important is that Holly involved the FAMILY of someone who she says wrote a blog in my favor even though I have information from a reliable source that the blog was acutally written by someone else. ShortbusDude has not been on the internet for 5 months and only briefly on his personal twitter account. He has not been streaming or on the blogs in over a year.
    There are also claims that Holly has involved the offspring of other targets of her rants prior to the co called mention of her family members.


  4. Jess
    Feb 15, 2013 @ 23:28:14

    I remember when Holly first came to the forefront and went after Brianne. Holly would play victim then, too. We all saw when Holly posted Brianne’s address on her web site, then later removed and denied doing so. Holly will say and do anything to try an make herself appear innocent when she is anything but. It is just sad that people like Brianne, Murt, etc. are the ones who wind up getting their reputations ruined all because they choose to stick up for themselves against Holly’s lies and defamation.


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