Well Well Well…

How does the old saying go? A leopard never changes it’s spots. But, she  did change her numbers.

I found these screen shots on an old blog. What are the odds the  same user name with just different numbers and same vile mouth being different people? I say not very good odds at all.

Lets start out with one where DeJay (I wasn’t stalking him) admitting she was stalking Murt and leaving comments on his blog:






To this one of DeJay setting up a  group page where she and others can talk about Murt:





Now to this screen shot. I see DeJay calling Murt’s followers “Tards”. I wonder who else uses that term? Could there be a connection? Remember this screen shot is from 2009.





I don’t understand why it bothers DeJay as much that Murt reports on missing children cases. Almost 4 years later and she still harps about it. WHY? I am sure he live streamed and followed other cases too.





Now fast forward to 2012 and Cody S. Same vile demeanor:











This just proves how far back DeJay aka Donna has been harassing and stalking Murt.

These screen shots were found on a quick search. I am sure if I dig hard enough I will find more. It is the same damn group of people harassing him over and over again. If you dislike him so much, then leave him alone. Or is it that he keeps proving you are the true bullies?

P.S – BTW Radio, here is where I got the screen shots from. I am glad you asked me to provide proof of where the screen shots came from. Just proves even more how Murt is stalked and harassed. Thank you 🙂

Where I got blog screen shots from


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sickofthebrileys
    Feb 14, 2013 @ 21:27:40

    Hate to comment on someone’s personal appearance, but clearly this dejay person is so hateful…she is an ugly, fat hag that hates everyone that is better looking than her…my advice to her is stay in the registrar’s office at Akron U and hide your ugly face… You are scaring the students, and many now know who you are. Your profile says you are against ppl that sit on computer all day and put others down…hell, that is the MO for you and your friends!!


  2. murtwitnessonelive
    Feb 15, 2013 @ 01:15:26

    What is interesting is that Radio wrote a blog stating that anyone who took screenshots from that blog is in serious trouble. I guess that means that the author of the blog where the screenshots ACTUALLY came from will be arrested for using that set of screenshots against the woman from Ohio.


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