Shady Business

Many have been questioning all these new Anon twitter accounts that are popping up. Anyone who follows Anonymous knows most of the ones popping up to “rescue” Prinnie, Donna, Holly, and Michelle, etc are friends of theirs taking cover under the Anonymous name. Clue number one: Anonymous does not get involved in personal vendetta issues, especially between bloggers. Yes, anyone can be Anonymous, but true Anons don’t act like douche-bag egofags.

SO where did all these ‘new’ anons come from? That question is very easy to answer:  From M.s Goddard’s brother’s FaceBook page, along with a few others who opened Anon twitter accounts.  Isn’t that right Jon?

Now, before Ms. Goddard and her ‘mom’ go running at the mouth again about not having siblings:

BCoB1BaCIAE6Whr.png large


Here is another thing a true anon will not do without LEGITIMATE PROOF:


More Threats

Anon threat1

Here is what TRUE Anonymous does. Much respect for Princess.



This is the smack down Holly got the first time she lied to Anonymous and tried to get them involved:


One would think Holly learned her lesson about messing with Anonymous. Remember the old saying, “A hard head makes a soft ass”?

Since the true Anons didn’t want to get involved, the bully crew did the next best thing (or so they thought): they started Anonymous twitter accounts to try and scare people. To bad some of us caught on from the beginning, or they may have been able to keep up the act a little longer.

Then I come across this gem. For once one of them was honest and said they were fake LOL!


This screen shot should prove how sick this group really is. Why would anyone want to be involved with people that have this kind of mind set? This shows complete lack of morals. How can anyone say these kinds of things about another human being? Shows just how low this bully crew will go.



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  1. Fair is Fair
    Feb 13, 2013 @ 15:46:29

    Ever hear of the Juggalo family? They remind me more of them than Anonymous…I think it’s all a childish game of here comes the boogey man ..More really bizarre tantics from the mob,They just aren’t dealing with a full deck.


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