More Harassment

As I said before, proof of Jon and Holly’s cruel and vile harassment/stalking keeps dropping into my email. After I published the ‘Proof Of Fake Accounts’ article, I received this information:


Many believe ‘The Henchman’ is Jon Briley; however, it has not been proven as far as I know.  As you can see “The Henchman” was clearly harassing R.F. (Robert Frank)

Here is the article/blog written about the screen shot I just provided: Laughing At Those That Believe Their Lies

There have been many blogs/articles written about Jon and Holly Briley; I have only scratched the surface with their lies.

Take your blinders off, people! The truth about them is staring you right in the face with the many blogs out there on these two stalkers.

Since Holly and Jon think it’s fun to pick on Robert Frank for his “so called” failed petition, let’s take a look at their petition:


Over 5,000 members on the No Money For Murder FB page and only 819 signatures?? Now that is something to laugh at.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sickofthebrileys
    Feb 11, 2013 @ 16:21:22

    Jon Briley and Greg Lee were behind the Henchmen…Henchmen went after all of the ppl Jon was mad at for asking questions about donations and requesting that everyone post pics of their children/grrandchildren. He closed down his no money for murder page after those questions, and telling everyone that they should leave CA alone, and that Caylee was not the only abused child in the world… After berating his aadmin, Molly Joseph, for wanting to slam the church where ca was staying with emails, he flipped out and closed the page down. He is one sick POS!


  2. sickofthebrileys
    Feb 11, 2013 @ 16:27:34

    Everyone should read Robert Frank’s blog…the brileys made videos of him and the ppl that promoted the petition; they wanted ca to make money! Also, fake profiles of Robert and his supporters. They also said Robert wrote the petition to find out personal info…albeit that Jon keeps files on everyone that joined his page. It goes on and on…posting comments under others’ names, faking screenshots…in other words EVERY DIRTY TRICK IN THE BOOK!


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