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Alexandria Goddard’s Fame Game

To Alexandria Goddard: Although I abhor what you did to every child and every person in Steubenville, you did accomplish one thing. You succeeded in making a spectacle of yourself to the world so now thousands more have seen what a vile, cruel, spiteful, vindictive person you really are. For this part only, I thank you. You have finally gotten the attention you have sought for years. Alas, I hope you now realize that you were better off being the nobody, that people with any intelligence, have always known you to be.

I originally intended to share something different that I have learned about the past exploits of Alexandria Goddard aka @Prinniedidit but, my direction changed slightly because I noticed yesterday that she is attempting to manipulate people to think she’s a good person by trying to show that she has a history of doing good deeds.  I realized what she was doing after I visited the link she posted. I was amazed to see similarities with her current targets and MO.

Princess Blue

Princess Blue

On September 10, 1990 skeletal remains were discovered in a small town south of Houston, Tx.  Despite an extensive investigation the deceased female remained unidentified and was dubbed with the name Princess Blue.  In 2007, the police release a forensic artist sketch of what they believe Princess Blue looked like.  Goddard decided to investigate this case.  Using a photograph of girl missing from California she over laid the sketch on top of the picture and believed she had a possible match.

Remember, this is an open police investigation.  So instead of taking her findings to law enforcement what does Goddard do?  She takes it upon herself to contact the mother of a missing person directly to let her know she thinks her daughter has been found.  Let me clarify.


Who does she think she is?  Can you imagine the anxiousness, sadness and even some relief that mother was feeling thinking that her daughter may have been found?

So, after getting the hopes up of a grieving mother, guess what happens?  It is determined that Goddard is WRONG!  Yes, believe it or not, GODDARD’S INTERNET INVESTIGATION WAS WRONG!

Sound familiar?

By calling the mother first was that Goddard’s way of deriving attention for herself rather than allowing police to investigate the possible findings.  Can you imagine how this mother must have felt after that disappointment?  It is clear to me that Goddard was void of any decency for that woman’s feelings.

In May 1994, a local man was sentenced to life for the aggravated kidnapping of another woman. He had been a suspect in several murders. When police took another look at the Princess Blue case in 2007 they decided to visit this man in prison to question him regarding his possible involvement in that case.

They arrived at prison to show him the forensic drawing of Princess Blue only to find that he had already seen it.  Goddard had taken it upon herself to mail the prisoner the drawing and question him about it herself!

Where did she ever get the idea that she can conduct a police investigation from across the country over the internet??  Who in their right mind would interview in a possible suspect in an open police investigation?  (Shaking my head)

It’s obvious to me that Alexandria Goddard didn’t learn a lesson the first time (assuming this was the first time) and continues to interject and potentially impede other police investigations.

I recently learned that for a number of years Goddard has harassed another person online for what she calls injecting themselves into a missing person investigation and bringing such grief to a family of a missing person.

What a hypocrite Alexandria Hannelore Goddard is!

Was just sent article to back up story:

Cold Case

What Prinnie said in interview:

Using Photoshop, Websleuth member Alexandria Goddard overlaid the sketches of Princess Blue onto Cheatham’s pictures. She was stunned at what she saw.

“I want to say that it is her, but I also don’t want to set myself to be disappointed if it’s not,” Goddard says from her home in Ohio. She says she’s been speaking with Cheatham’s mother, who lives in California. Both were encouraged enough by the overlay that they contacted the Dallas detective handling the Cheatham case.

While the most recent forensic examination concluded Princess Blue was white, Goddard believes such determinations are not written in stone.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Judicious1
    Feb 08, 2013 @ 02:46:54

    Thanks for adding the link to the article. I don’t know how I left it out. For the record, I would never say something that couldn’t be confirmed.


  2. RainyDay
    Feb 08, 2013 @ 04:31:06

    wow, this is some crazy stuff. Why doesnt Prinnie just get a freaking investigators license and do it the right way, instead of fumbling around and making a mockery out of the justice system?
    I wasnt around for too many of her antics, but heard of them as the last year or so rolled by. Im also not surprised that Holly B has become her partner in crime (at least for the moment)

    Not to get off subject, and Nikki, if you feel this comment should go in another section, feel free to move it or delete it or whatever but I just have to say Im outraged at Hollys latest antics

    She now is posting private DMs she received from someone who basically stood by her for a long time, a really nice lady who is an attorney in Georgia and was a Twitter pal to a lot of us during the Anthony trial. Even when the rest of us were beginning to doubt Hollys stories about the Casey tape etc, this person stood by her.

    In the end, that same person whose DMs were posted, left twitter because she finally saw Holly for what she really is. She was very disappointed in her and felt like a fool for defending her for so long.

    Now HB has decided to post her private DMs for all to see, even passing them along to the slimeblog RNB.
    It also appears HB is threatening to turn her in to the GA bar. For what, I have no clue, but HB seems to be the type, that once scorned, will find any dirt to dig up, even if its false

    OMG shes such a lowlife piece of crap. WTF is wrong with her?


    Feb 08, 2013 @ 06:54:31

    Well, this latest info doesn’t in the least surprise me. But, 1 thing I can say is, after speaking to several ppl yesterday it has come to my attention that action is needed to stop this woman & others with her group & I truely now believe I may hold the key to this. Today I started going thru page after page of information that was given to me for a different investigation but realized that I do hold valuable info that can bring Prinnie down & some others too. I have made a vow to help someone yesterday & I intend to hold that vow. The person that gave me this info knows who he/she is & I have kept my prmise to them & have forwarded everything to the authorities like I said I would.
    Like I said, now I am going thru page by page, picture by picture & sending anything & everything that has to do with Prinnie to my new friend from yesterday & what that friend wants to do with hat I send them is up to them.



    Feb 08, 2013 @ 07:10:21

    I was just wondering if you are sure that it is a Dallas detective that is checking into the cold case file named “Princess Blue”? Reason why I ask is cause Princess Blue was found of US288 in a little town called “Manval, Tx” which is south of Houston, Tx & it just didn’t make much sense to me why a Dallas detective would be investigating this case since Dallas is at least if not furture then 250 miles.



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  6. mcgreggorsback
    Feb 10, 2013 @ 14:12:38

    Bully Buster, one of the aspects you need to know, that area in Texas is commonly known as “The Killing Fields”, There are many young women who have been found in that area that are still cold cases. Google and you may well be amazed at the slaughter that has occurred within the last 20 years or so. Apparently Prinnie picked up on one case and decided to resolve it. Her involvement may well be found on blogs from that time, also you will find documentation in the websleuth archives on “The Killing Fields”.


  7. Bully Buster
    Feb 12, 2013 @ 00:45:06

    Dear Mcgreggorsback, we don’t know each other very well but Nikki knows who I am, I live very close to “THE KILLING FIELDS” in Texas, the fields are between I45 corridor & State Texas Highway US288. To this day the police are still finding bones of these innocent women. The police believe it may be a truck driver but that is just a theory at this point. What Prinnie has done is beyond dispicable due to her nglect she has opened wounds that I am sure the families of missing lovedones & giving false hope to them & Prinnie needs to be stopped,

    If I was that mom that she contacted I would have found my way to prinnie’s house just to bea her ass down.

    Now, Prinnie sent information a prisioner right? & when the inestiators went to talk to this prison inmate & they found out that Prinnie had already contacted him, why didn’t the investogators go after Prinnie for obstruction of justice? I can garantee you that if it was anyone ith in our group, we wouldbe charged & under the jail by now. how the hell does Prinnie manage to get away with shit like this?



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