Caylee Support Page

I finally got the correct name of the Caylee Support Page Holly was once an admin on.  Personally I think it’s beautiful. It’s obvious the previous owner put a lot of heart into making this page: Caylee Support Page

After Holly’s admin rights were removed, her and Jon opened their own Caylee Warriors page. My understanding is this new page was opened a little over a month after they posted the video, and just before Holly started blogging for Radio. A lot of people have questioned why Holly did a 360 and joined the bully bashers in such a short amount of time; unfortunately I can not answer that question. The only thing I can think of is she saw no ‘future’ in supporting Caylee, as it would not give her all the attention she so desperately longs for.

I’m not sure why Holly & Jon opened that page, because at that point many of their friends were furious with them for lying about so many things.  Maybe because she was no longer the center of attention and wanted to try and gain everyone’s trust back so she could be?  All of their former friends I have spoken with are disgusted with the Briley’s through and through. I have not found one former friend with anything nice to say about them. They are so disheartened that Holly now calls the very people who bashed them her friends.

This is a screen shot I was sent to show when the Briley’s opened the new page:

Caylee Page

From what I’m told, Holly and Jon have turned on everyone who was no longer any use to them, and as we all know, this resulted in them posting personal info about these former friends.  It disgusts me (and many many others) how they went about bullying and harassing those who did not agree with them or questioned their motives.  It’s blatantly obvious now why they did that… So their little schemes wouldn’t be brought to light.

Now they ride the coat tails of people they believe will get them more attention. I am sure once this rape case in Ohio is over, and everything goes quiet there, Holly will dump her current ‘friends’ and find a new coat tail to ride. From everything I have seen over the past year, this is Holly’s m.o.

I have also found at least 4 Facebook accounts with previous friends/supporters names on them. I know these are fake, as these people have given me their real facebook url. I’ve also seen Twitter accounts done the same way.  These are easy to pick out, as none of the former friends of Holly & Jon use their real name anymore (I’ve been told this by many who DM me). Real name posted=fake account.  My guess is Holly & Jon set these ghost accounts up so they can friend/follow former friends/supporters and try to collect more personal info on them.

As we have all witnessed first hand, Holly likes to scream she is being stalked and harassed. Looks like Holly and her husband Jon are the ones still harassing people, even to the point of chasing some of them off Twitter and Facebook.

If you think the Briley’s are innocent, think again.

Here is a refresher on their nastiness:  Threats Made


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  1. The Warrior
    Jan 29, 2013 @ 19:54:27

    Holly & Jon think they are so smart, but they are nothing but country bumpkins. They have about 12 minutes of fame left, because they only had about 3 minutes of fame with the casey anthony crap. I can see somewhere down the road them messing with the wrong person. I don’t think that’ going to be a pretty picture.


      Jan 30, 2013 @ 12:15:28

      Please don’t take this wrong cause anyone that trely want JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE I have mad respect for but you called holly & jon “country bumbkins. Well, I’m 100% country bumbkin & I’m nothing lik those two numb skulls.We country bumpkins get a bad rap, lol, Just saying….. thx Bully Buster


  2. curious george
    Jan 29, 2013 @ 22:19:48

    holly said before that brianna went to police about her……..seems holly has shut up about brianna since. not sure why others dont complain to their police about holly. it seems this is the only way to get her to leave people alone. if people sit and take the behavior holly is throwing at them then it will continue. that is just my 2 cents


  3. fair is fair
    Jan 29, 2013 @ 23:05:52

    Holly Was the third person I personally know of that Prinnie harassed and bullied that crossed over to her side. .Prinnie even went after their families ..It’s so hard for me to understand because IF anyone ever said the things prinnie said about their children about my kids ,there would never be any forgiveness! Two of the women were once Murts mods .I really think they were terrified of Prinnie and her bunch and chose the easy way out ,To enlist in the Mob.I dont know if the other two are still with Prinnie or not .They all change nics like I change my drawers lol Prinnie had a chat room for Beaconhell and thats where all the mean crap was and it was a awful awful place .,Hard to believe almost all women and mothers and even grandmas were in there !Prinnie and her mob will never change .They are weird as heck if ya ask me..Bunch of Losers for sure…I am sure the lexcunt gal is one of the old Beaconhell bunch by her nasty mouth (.there favorite word) ,Isn’t that unbelievable woman would call each other that name and laugh about it?? Tells what class they all have.We all remember princess’s favorite saying ,I wont even type it.It’s so vile and nasty! Great role models aren’t they and they ,talking crap about anyones morals ,They arent teenagers ,so whats their excuse?? . .In Holly’s case think she just fit in with the beaconhell bunch! She found a home till they kick her out ,which maybe they already have lol .


    Jan 30, 2013 @ 12:08:57

    All I have to say is “I miss theperson that started the original Caylee page” & most of us know who this person is. Due to the damn bullys this wonderful person has left twitter & twitter will NEVER be the same. All I can say is “this truely saddens me deeply. Thx Bully-Buster


  5. The Warrior
    Jan 31, 2013 @ 16:43:33

    Sorry Bully Buster. I don’t mean to offend people from the country. God knows I would love to live in the peaceful country. What I should have said instead of country bumpkins, is redneck….Honey Boo Boo redneck. There IS a difference between Honey Boo Boo and the rest of the people. The brileys are undeducated slobs.


  6. NewHereAndConfused
    Jan 31, 2013 @ 23:56:08

    Wondering…. What exactly is the purpose of this blog? It seems to be only negative things about people most people don’t even know exists. I sure don’t. Is this blog just for readers that know the people you’re referring too? I’m lost.

    Oh and I wanted to correct something. If someone does a “360” they end up exactly in the place they began. If you are saying this person did the total opposite of what he/she was doing prior; that would be a “180.” Just so you know.

    Anyway, stumbled upon this blog. Nicely written but not appealing to anyone who doesn’t know who you’re speaking of. 😦


    • The Big Bombshell
      Feb 01, 2013 @ 00:07:04

      If you do not know any of the people in this blog, you are very blessed. For the people that have been in the path of these loons it has been a horrible misfortune. They are some of the biggest liars, harassers, snakes, thieves I have seen on the internet in my life. They thrive on making everyone else unhappy because their own life must really be unhappy. So to make themselves feels better they go after other people. My advice, stay away from all of them.


  7. NewHereAndConfused
    Feb 01, 2013 @ 01:49:51

    THANK YOU FOR THE WARNING! They’re not in UK I hope?


  8. NewHereAndConfused
    Feb 01, 2013 @ 02:18:07

    Ace! you shouldn’t be embarrased 😦 There are bloody bad people in the UK and every other country as well. But there are also brilliant kind people in the world too – thank heavens! Have a good nite. My days just beginning. I must go get ready for university :/ ugh. Stay strong. Nice chatting. ❤


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