I will NEVER Comply.

#KnightSec may think they have won by shutting up one blogger. This is one blogger you will NEVER shut. None of you scare or intimidate me. I have sat by and watched you and your scummy cohorts go after innocent people. No matter if the truth was provided you continued to spread your lies to get a certain person attacked, harassed and stalked.

Then we move on to the Ohio rape case. #KnightSec and the scum that brought them into this lie, will all see their day come. Many of our blogs are being watched since we provide the TRUTH! Something you wouldn’t know about  if it bitch slapped you in the face.

If you want the true story about the Steubenville Ohio rape case read the blog I will provide.  He also provided much information about all the lies that were made up just to bring national media into it.

Lee Stranahan  you can also follow him via twitter @Stranahan

At first it was just KYanonymous. After awhile more and more #KnightSec accounts kept popping up. So all my helpers sat and watched these new accounts just waiting for them to screw up. And many did. Someone DMed me Prinnies step brothers FaceBook account and there was the answer. All the new #KnightSec accounts were coming from the friends list of Prinnies step brother’s FaceBook account. Many of the pictures of his so called Anonymous friends pictures were saved and compared to some of the faces and masks to those that were photographed with Prinnie and her BFF’s. I have a ton of side by side photos of them. Or compared with other Anonymous people that were photographed.  I will not post them in here.

I also have many of the real names to go with those photos. If these bull shits games do not STOP all that info may accidentally be leaked out. I am not the only one that has the info. So if you think by attacking my computer you will stop the information being leaked, you are sadly mistaken. I have an awesome support group. Everything I have on everyone is also stored by others just in case something happens to my computer.  My blog is also backed up. So if it just happens to go down, it will be restored.

I am sick of these scum bags lying about people just to get them attacked. The truth was provided to #KnightSec  and you refused to believe it. #KnightSec if you want the truth of a few of the players, read my first few blogs. There are also other blogs where Anonymous was lied too and attacked for telling Holly not to post pictures of minors. She tried to lie her way out of it, but he had already seen the article. The minor children were very much exposed. Screens shots of what happened are further back in this blog.

Now on to the Ohio rape case again. I lost count of how many minors KY and the crew posted. They posted names, addresses, phone numbers, pictures of their house, birth dates and the list goes on. That is what brought me to believe KY is not a true Anon. So I asked around and it was confirmed by many. It seems KY and Prinnies brother concocted this whole #KnightSec to try and scare people away from exposing the truth of what they did. I will not be scared away.

Now onto Holly’s husband Jon. When they had the ‘no money for murderer’ FaceBook page, Jon asked in the open for their over 5,000 members to post pictures of their children and/or grand children. That is why Jon and Holly are trying to get a certain person to be added to the pedo list. So that way all the attention will be taken away from Jon for asking for them. Now he has a blog about children, he also helps someone on their child abuse ( I believe it is) FaceBook page. Every single thing  Jon does or has done has always had something to do with minors. Something that should  make you go hmmmmmmmmmmm!. Oh yes Jon we also know about the FAKE #KnightSec twitter account you made. Or is it #NextSec now? I lost track of the changes made to that account. You may think you are smarter than everyone else, but trust me, you are not!

After this blog gets published, Holly will once again start her rant of who she THINKS is behind this blog. If you think I am joking just watch her twitter timeline. Holly gets obsessed with people and she will not let go. There is also proof of that in this blog too. I could not figure out why Holly hated this one person so bad, so i started asking around. It seems the person Holly hates use to have a support Caylee Anthony facebook page. At one time Holly was an admin on that page. When Holly flipped her lid the owner removed Holly as an admin. Now Holly is trying to pass personal information about this person around in hopes she  can get more information. From what I have been told, the owner of the Caylee page has been off twitter and facebook for close to a year now.

Holly keeps going after me on twitter and her blog in hopes I will do what so many others she has bullied have done; give up and leave. Good Luck with that. I will not leave and let you continue harassing and stalking others without me around to call you out on it.

In closing I would like to provide a screen shot I found on Roaseanne Barr’s time line. Remember the guy on Dr Drew said that Ky and Prinnie and the rest have committed at least 9 felonies. Well someone on Roseanne’s twitter confirmed it.



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    Jan 20, 2013 @ 14:38:53

    I simply want to say “luv ya” & “I got mad “respect” for you too. I guess lots of people have major damaging info on Holly, Jon, Pinnie, Kim, & Ky and the rest of these clowns. I won’t stop the hunt for JUSTICE because I have made a pledge & as ppl know I don’t ever go back on what I say.


  2. The Warrior
    Jan 20, 2013 @ 14:44:14

    I am one of the people that Holly & Jon harrassed. I am also one of the ones that left. Not because I was afraid of them but because they bored me to death. I see by your blog they are still boring. They are truly UGLY people….inside and out.


  3. anonymous
    Jan 20, 2013 @ 18:24:37

    Another great post Nikki. I’m wondering if Frankie & step brother are the ones who call Murt every year on the date of his wife’s death and tell him to commit suicide. Plus all the other calls & abuse he’s encountered over the years. Prinnie hides behind her cohorts while she instructs them who & how to go after people. Karma is such a b*tch isn’t it prinnie.


  4. fair is fair
    Jan 20, 2013 @ 18:36:16

    I laughed at loud at one of the so called Knightsec posters who keeps mentioning the Hive. Anyone who was around during the paltalk days when the trolls were calling them selves busy bees referred to their chat as the hive..All Prinneys mob from beaconhell..They truly are a crazy bunch who just love to cause trouble .This time they have gone to far and hurt innocent people and entered the real world. .I wonder if Prinnie is turning her earning.into the disability folks?? The things that make ya wonder…. Karma at it’s best is about to happen.


  5. observer
    Jan 20, 2013 @ 22:59:14

    The scum-sucking brileys continue to bash and harass! I would love to see either one of these idiots stand up face-to-face with their victims…it is easy for them to sit behind a computer! I, too, remember when jon asked everyone to post pics of their children/grandchildren…WTH did he want them for…many ppl will come forward & verify this when the time is right!


  6. RainyDay
    Jan 20, 2013 @ 23:22:09

    Good job on your research, Nikki. You rock!
    I dont think you have too much to worry about regarding your blog. The real Anonymous took down super secure government websites. These wanna be’s make demands of people to take down their wordpress blogs, basically because they couldnt hack their way out of a paper bag and do it themselves

    Glad to see Stranahan is getting to the bottom of this too. Busted Bitches indeed (oh, the irony of that). I dont care for his political agenda bs, but he does have his moments exposing the dirt on prinnie and the likes of her cohorts


  7. LOLing
    Jan 21, 2013 @ 20:20:12

    This entire aftermath of #Knightsec is comical. All the Weirton/Steubenville “Anons” are cheap entertainment. Their timelines read like a dime-store romance novel and a bad one at that.

    I was laughing hysterically at the blogger who tried to join Nextsec with their RL name. Dear God, they are stupid. Their fearless leader KY told them all they could be anonymous using the TOR browser. Too bad he left out the rest. Most have been using their phones to commit their crimes. They are busy cackling about the FBI being involved and it doesn’t appear that any of them realize the FBI doesn’t investigate rapes.

    The “hive” happy one should familiarize himself with cyberharassment laws. It’s not legal in Ohio and it isn’t legal in Virginia either. http://leg1.state.va.us/cgi-bin/legp504.exe?000+cod+18.2-152.7:1 In fact, in Virginia the law is that the crimes can be prosecuted in Virginia or the state they were received in. Time for that goober to give up tweeting and start saving for attorneys in multiple states. Oh the #lulz to be had in court when his timeline reveals his flirting with a 14-year-old. What a Romeo! Not only a bully but a skeevy one at that.


  8. observer
    Jan 22, 2013 @ 14:12:09

    Geesh, that crazy Donna is telling Marylee what an ugly old hag she is….well look in the mirror, fatso…what the hell do you see….a big, fat, ugly frump just like your buddy, Holly! To hear you two put down others for their looks is actually comical! You are both the laughing stocks of the web!!


  9. DOH!
    Jan 23, 2013 @ 13:56:42

    Jon Briley has a new “Anonymous” twitter account. @Dark_Knight_AJ


  10. fair is fair
    Jan 23, 2013 @ 15:53:09

    I read that the girls Lawyer requested a closed trial..,Good for her! I feel so sorrry for her. Not only was she raped and molested by her peers but also. By Prinnie and her bunch of retarded” want to be somebody’s so bad!” All the false rumors and their arm chair detective work did nothing but make a farce out of the whole case! Why do they think HLN dropped the story like a hot potato? Why did Dr. Phil treat Prinnie like she smelled bad ,(Oh maybe she did) Advice to Old Princess ,use some of the money you made for going on DR.Phil and get a damn makeover woman.You looked like a bag lady even I was embarassed for you! So I hope all you idiots are proud of yourselves for what you think you have done which was nothing but spread lies and Hurt Jane Doe even more than she already was hurt! Damn Idiots!


  11. gossipingpens
    Jan 23, 2013 @ 16:33:39

    It’s kind of sad how so many people are allowing themselves to be “silenced” by these nobodies. Good grief.


  12. privateinvestigator
    Jan 23, 2013 @ 21:34:53

    Totally agree with fair is fair….Also, Prinnie, next time you are ever on tv…stop the eyes from looking all over….makes one think you are lying….(as if you aren’t), also, cut the bag lady hair. What is with your group anyhow…don’t believe in personal hygiene??? Not only do you prove yourself to be stupid, you are all ugly as hell!!


  13. LOLing no more
    Jan 23, 2013 @ 22:39:52

    Their leader showed his true colors last night when he released the court transcripts unredacted. It only took most of those idiots 5 hours to figure it out. I have yet to see one admit that he did it intentionally. They are falling all over themselves saying it was an “accident.”

    Earlier in the evening, JaxAnonymous outed a #Knightsec creep who was having…shall we say… “private” conversations with the 14-year-old girl I mentioned previously. They immediately attacked Jax and made excuses for the creep!! They blamed the girl because she tweets inappropriate stuff on her timeline!! Isn’t that what they call “victim blaming?” The most ridiculous part was where they gave credit to the “hive” happy one I mentioned earlier as being responsible for outing the creep. Nobody seemed to notice when he was playing “husband” with the girl, but he must read here because soon after my last post he reverted to calling the girl “sis.” What a lame attempt to cover his previous grooming. No worries though, I’ve copied their entire accounts. The creep’s account is now deleted, but you can still read it on Topsy. Read @AnotherF*ckGone to see what he was doing that #Knightsec was so quick to blame on the girl.

    I hope the failed bloggers will be satisfied with the reputation they have earned from this fiasco. At least we won’t have to worry about anyone taking them seriously ever again.


  14. Guess Who
    Jan 23, 2013 @ 23:16:23

    I never like to remark on someone’s appearance. However, because prinnie over the years has referred to friends of Murt as “old hags”, I really feel I need to comment. Prinnie, Princess, PrincessBH, etc., etc. Alex, my dear, have you looked in the mirror lately? You are 20 years younger than me, but you really look a lot older. You appear to have a permanent scowl and it looks like you don’t take much pride in your appearance. You really need to pull yourself away from your computer and join a gym or just walk 30 minutes everyday. Maybe lift some light weights. Or even better, maybe get a job. Oh, I forgot, your job is “media analyst’, really, I mean really Alex. Are you sure you don’t mean media bully? How’s your friend, Ann Keefe, or should I say zanlaughsatyou. Remember how you bullied a 17 year old young girl on Facebook & twitter. I’m sure we have all the screenshots. The filth that you posted about her & her mother was disgusting. And why did you do that? Well, seems her mother met Murt for lunch because they were friends. That showed us that you do not care for young women. You don’t care for this young lady. You only care about getting your ugly mug in front of a TV camera. You think all this media crap is going to make you famous. Got news for you sweetie, give your head a shake, you may be going to jail. I’m watching you, I’m your shadow.


  15. fair is fair
    Jan 24, 2013 @ 02:29:27

    I just an not believe Ky hasn’t taken the girls name off his twitt yet! My question is how did he get this info? ,Was clerk of court to blame? Even he should not have posted it and his concern Of Jane Doe is evident now for sure ,He’s in it for his 15 minutes of fame … I have to Hand it to Holly ,she has asked it to be taken down ,while all the others seem to be in hiding ..At least she isn’t hiding, poor thing. They will throw her off the short bus and run her over with it now! Karma is coming ,Hang on to your bloomers girls.! Popcorn anyone??..


  16. privateinvestigator
    Jan 24, 2013 @ 03:13:29

    I am sure that by now everyone knows that holly, jon, prinnie, dejay, etc. are all unstable people.


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