Battle Royal!

I was sent this via tweetpic and damn near spit my drink out..

Let me get this straight Sandra; you do NOT want to get into a battle royal with anyone on twitter, but YOU are the one that started the Ohio rape case lies. As the lies grew and became more and more you did NOTHING to check the facts. You just kept posting the comments and tweets and RTing the tweets. You allowed the personal information to be posted of minors and you did NOTHING! You wanting to protect the victim is fine, but you also put a lot of other minors in danger by NOT doing any research. You and your friends got a students kicked out of college! Do you know for a FACT he had anything to do with the rape? Was he involved in the rape? Was he there for the rape? How would you like if your child was accused of doing something and not ALL the facts were out, yet and your child got attacked by social media as these kids did? Did you even stop to think “what if” this was my child how would I want it handled? Your BFF whined and cried when her ADULT children where talked about but yet she’s right beside you posting personal information about MINORS, and that was ok?

By your own actions you will probably never become a true journalist. A true and GOOD journalist ALWAYS gets the facts and makes sure that ALL the facts are true and accurate. You did none of this.   You and your friends wrote and tweeted what ever you wanted no matter if it was true or not, or who it may hurt.

If you listened to the guy on Dr. Drew from the other night, you and your friends committed at least 9 felonies. I don’t believe your worries are over. All those parents of all those kids that were innocent and not there that you smeared all over the internet, they can all come after you. Your Freedom Of Speech will not cover your butt in posting personal information on minors and harassing them as bad as you and your ‘friends’ did. Everyone’s threats to minors are very well documented.

So my advice, Sandra, would be to pick a better group of friends. The group you have now can land you in jail for a very long time. Even the threats made to/against MURT can be pointed back to you. Once again as a writer/blogger you have done nothing to stop your friends from lying about MURT. You never once said those PM’s were fake. You know he didn’t kill the Duckette child but yet you allow your friends to continue running their mouth.

Just a little reminder of an old saying “Let your Consequence Be Your Guide”

Here is an article about the lies that were told. This is all on your shoulders Sandra:

Non Facts About Rape Case


One thing that jumped out at me in this screen shot is you saying “truth or not”. That speaks volume about you.


Lee could not have said it any better, as many of us feel the same way:



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. fair is fair
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 16:55:34

    She will ease out of her relationship with Radio ,Holly and all the others like she did with Joey.. Joey gave her a chance to be a real crime writer and she abused his kindness and friendship.. Does her mob really think she will stick with them to her fantansy climb to stardom?? As far as Murt ,he’s a big boy and can take care of himself .It’s the lies she put out there on the Rape case that has me so mad that true media outlets didn’t check out before running with a Story made up of lies.. I think If Roseanne hadn’t gotten involved nobody would have heard of Prinnie .I know she( Rosie) was doing what she thought right but betcha she wishes she would have done some research first!
    I too want justice for Jane Doe but I also want justice for the innocent kids that had nothing to do with the rape. If you ask 10 women if they had been molested or raped over half have. Thats why this case is so important to all women . They will try to say it was her fault because she was drunk ,If it had been one of the boys there that was raped ,It would have been a different story.!
    Thats why Prinnie screwing up this case with phony bull makes me so mad ,If the boys walk she can blame herself and her MOB..With all the phony media coverage ,It just may happen..So damn Sad


  2. RainyDay
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 21:01:54

    I think what was done to Murt yesterday was an abomination. He was bullied and threatened to no end, and while it ended with stevie looking like the good guy, its easy to see the harassment that went on prior to that

    in the end, Murt took down ugly mugs picture, and nothing was done for Murt. Nothing. He was also told to never blog about the bitches ever again. And yet, the trash blogs about Murt are still front and center

    Bullies – 1 Murt – 0



  3. observer
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 23:55:24

    Stevie boy did not give any consequences to the herd, just to Murt…one sided, much???? Holly will continue her ranting and bashing of everyone w/o ramifications.


  4. anonymous
    Jan 18, 2013 @ 01:09:34

    Stevie boy is probably Goddard’s brother.


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