How They Stalk and Lie

I will be posting screen shots to prove how this group are the stalkers and harassers. They all flock together and gang up  on one person at a time. They even make up fake Anon accounts to attack people. If the rest of the Anons are real or not, i do not know. But if they are real, you are either blind or dumb not to see what is going on right in front of you.



You see who RT the screen shot above.

How is posting pictures of an occupy rally be harassment? Didn’t you guys support the rally?




HUH? Try English next time please.


Who are the ones sending out and RTing all the tweets about MURT?


Yes Dona I found a blog from Michelle McKee dating back to 2007 harassing MURT. Posted a few blogs back.


Do I see a personal threat made here? Since Roseanne is in this tweet too, and it looks like Roseanne tweeted it first. I will make sure the proper people see this. HUGE money can be made by a lawsuit on such a  public attack. Thank you for the proof. I will go to Roseannes TimeLine and grab the original tweet.


Last but not least, another attack. Hey Supersteve2dope why don’t you ask your new BFF”s where all those documents came from that they put into a MURT doc. All of them are faked and/or photo shopped. So why don’t you be the big man and ask MURT for the proof that they are faked. He has all the proof. To be honest MURT doesn’t need to explain anything to you. Keep on with your bad self. It will all come to an end very soon. Remember Big Brother is always watching 🙂Liar11

Here is a blog by a person that has known MURT for a long time. She is also attacked by the vile group. If you can not see what is going on now, you are as blind as a bat or as dumb as a rock. McGreggor


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  1. havenorespectfortheblimpholly
    Jan 13, 2013 @ 03:18:10

    Well, it starts up again….HB & minions after Murt…The REAL Anonymous wouldn’t touch any of them with a ten foot pole…. Once you disagree with holly, you are on her shit list forever….she is a bitter, old hag!


  2. Concerned
    Jan 13, 2013 @ 04:03:07

    FYI, Steve is not Anonymous. He is a friend of Cassandra, clown behind MANY suspended Twitter accounts. His LAME attempt to get Ihazcandy to go after Murt is just evidence of his complete stupidity.


  3. Anonymous Me
    Jan 13, 2013 @ 05:01:30

    Well we need to all go say bye bye bitch to Steve. Where the hell did old lady Holly & numbnuts come from. That’s right, the Casey tapes on HLN. Did we ever find out how Holly came into possession of them? I thought she was a Caylee Warrior. And then she became a Casey supporter. Do I have this right, of course, IMO? Hard to keep up with where these tards crawl out from. Oh yeah, I remember now. Alexandria had her on her shit list so fat mouth figured join them or get slaughtered by them. Then Alex had to go back to her blog and remove all the vile things she had posted about Holly. Yeah, that’s the story as I recall.

    Now don’t forget, say bye bye to Stevie everyone.

    I like to personally thank this site owner here for all her hard work putting together the pieces of these idiots rages against Murt. Everything you’ve come up with is exactly the way I remember it all going down. Alex/Prinnie/FrauleinAva/BirgitZahlten or whatever the hell Sybil is using now. Alex you can’t lie. Look back on your timeline. You blew yourself out of the water. Late one evening maybe a couple of weeks ago, on your Prinnie and one of the others nics, you posted you were feeling sick. On both accounts. Within a very few minutes of each one. BUSTED! Anyone that knows you, knows that will can’t continuously keep up the lies without tripping up. GOTCHA! AND I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE. HAHAHAHA!


  4. Anonymous Me
    Jan 13, 2013 @ 05:07:25

    Well done. Stevie’s gone. We ought to make a list of these asshats. Pick them off one by one. They serve no purpose but to harrass and make up lies and stalk. I’m watching you Holly Briley!


  5. Anonymous Me
    Jan 13, 2013 @ 05:13:00

    Nope he’s back. One more time, report him. @SuperSteve3Dope Nothing but a liar and troublemaker. Bye Stevie!


  6. RainyDay
    Jan 13, 2013 @ 05:28:46

    well, that was all very interesting. This Steve guy blames someone named Stranahan for suspending him. So our pal DeJay goes on a rant to Stranahan about how she is a rape victim, how her attacker is trying to kill her, and is going after her daughter
    Lo and behold, DeJay then deletes all those tweets. Poof! Like they never even existed. Maybe she was worried someone would go thru her TL and see where she said her rapist is dying from cancer. Wow, he must have had a miraculous recovery
    Now she is thanking another anon member for getting Murt to take her picture down. This particular anon says something like “we dont make threats, we take care of our own”
    The thing is, he didnt get Murt to take the picture down. Its still there. Murt added a couple more pics to his twitter, so DJ’s fat mug isnt on his first page anymore, but if you click on Murts pics, she’s still there in all her ugly glory

    LMAO..what an idiot


  7. havenorespectfortheblimpholly
    Jan 13, 2013 @ 14:53:17

    I doubt if dejay was EVER raped…most victims DO NOT get up in a group of strangers and yell about it. Rape is NOT an issue to use for atttention! Rape is an act of an evil person! Oh yes, the freaks were talking about Coach purses and boots…doubt if any of them could afford a Coach purse, and there isn’t any designer who makes boots large enough to fit these two fatties!!


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